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Born in Esslingen/Neckar, Germany, in 1978.

Grew up in Alexandroupolis, Greece.
Now I am living in Bisingen.

2022 I got married and my last name is
"Gehring". Most of my paintings are therefore
signed with my maiden name "Kiridou".  


My love for art exists since early childhood.

I grew up at my grandparents`house right

next to the sea. I enjoy remembering this time

which has many positive associations.

The beautiful memories of my childhood

and my love for the sea have led me to focus

on maritime art.

I completed my studies in business administration

in Stuttgart, Germany.
In 2015, I decided to develop my passion for art professionally and founded "Pretty Paintings".
Since then I have been exhibiting my paintings

in galleries and at art fairs.

I am inspired by patterns, designs, architecture, surprising colour combinations and especially

in travelling. I try to connect these elements with each other and form new compositions.

My paintings are mostly figurative. 

I use acrylic, oil and pastel colors.

I wish everybody a lot of fun with my paintings.

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