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   June 2023 - Project

   Sunseeker Resort Florida, USA

   362 prints for 362 guest rooms

Many thanks to for choosing my two paintings "RETRO" and "Kings blue".
362 prints for 362 beautiful guest rooms.
Thank you for this incredible opportunity and chance.
Thank you also for the smooth
collaboration. I feel honoured and privileged as an artist.
And I will never forget this experience.

19. Jan. - 30. April 2023

Museum Zehntscheuer

I am in.
In the municipal Museum Zehntscheuer
in Balingen, Germany.
I feel honoured and grateful that I will be able
to exhibit from 19 January until 30 April 2023.
The annual theme will be desire. 



Published in Living & more magazin 

The new issue of the magazin "Living & more"  is available

from today. This issue is something  very special for me,

because it reports about my work, among other things.

I would thank the editor of "Living & more",  Marion Hellweg,

for this opportunity. I hope you enjoy reading this issue.

You can find me on page 29.


Museum Zehntscheuer

Fist Presentation in the municipal Museum Zehntscheuer in Balingen, Germany.



First overseas sales to New York

20-28 January 2018

Exhibition at the Boot Düsseldorf, Germany

At the boat fair in Düsseldorf, there was a hall just for maritime art where I exhibited. 
It was an unforgettable experience for me. 
I met great people.